UCD Confessions closes for business

Image Credit: Sinéad Mohan

Popular Twitter page ‘UCD Confessionz’ has announced its decision not to continue running the account.

The account had a strong following among UCD students and had been active since 2019. The page allowed anonymous submissions to be published through its account using the Curiouscat social network. Several posts received attention for causing controversy, including posts expressing sexual interest with named officers of UCDSU. 

The University Observer spoke to an administrator of the popular account regarding the reasons behind the account closure. The administrator outlined how the team “kinda stopped posting due to lack of interest.” They further stated that they; “found it to be quite fun to actually build up the page, but once we gained a lot of followers that enjoyment fizzled. And also confession accounts just breed toxicity and drama”. 

Speaking on some of the issues they encountered as administrator, they outlined “we don't like it when people are upset about the confessions being posted. One problem we ran into was where if we got a confession with someone's name in it, we weren't sure if we should censor it or not. [Some] people love the attention of having their name be in a confession, while others don't, and there's no real way to keep everyone happy.” 

The administrator outlined that “the biggest reason” for discontinuing the accounts was that they “think that we should all just focus on ourselves and our own lives. We're pretty reserved people and it kind of contradicted our values to be doing this page”. The administrator outlined that although they “enjoyed building the page and interacting with our 300-400 followers at the time” as the page grew “it was harder to interact with replies and stuff.” The administrator further said their favourite part of running the page was “seeing people come together in these hard times and being able to socialize or just find new friends to talk to... i think that's a really nice thing to see!”. 

Since the closure of the account, a new page ‘ConfessionUCD’ has entered the scene in a bid to fill the void left by UCD Confessionz.