Contributor Sign-Up Form, 2023/24

The University Observer is the University College Dublin’s newspaper of record.

From breaking news, quirky podcasts or shedding light on issues related to student welfare, the Observer has remained a reliable source since its creation in 1994. Several of our past contributors, content leads and editors have cut their teeth on the pages you read and springboarded their careers across the media industry. When you write for the Observer, your words impact students, faculty and even leaders.

As current and former students, we know that you have something to say and we can’t wait to hear it. The Observer accepts contributors throughout the year.

Every three weeks, our editorial team will pitch several articles relevant to their respective sections, and you’ll be able to pick which topics you’d like to cover. By signing up, you’ll be the first to know exactly what’s happening at UCD and beyond. Pitch meetings happen throughout our 3-week production cycle and contributors are always welcome to attend: if you have an idea, a story or a hunch, feel free to let us know. Our editorial team is here to guide you with article topics and writing should you need it.

If you’d like to pitch an article: either come to a pitch meeting or send us an outline of your article and how you’d like to write it.

Editorial positions and content lead positions are still open until further notice. Feel free to refer to our social media for application instructions. If you have any questions about the roles or application modalities please contact

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