General Election 2020: Why students should vote for the Social Democrats

The University Observer has invited all of the student political societies to write about why students should vote for their parties. Up...

UCD to sell Richview

In an emergency meeting held on August 29th 2019, UCD’s Governing Authority (GA) voted to sell Richview and the surrounding lands to...

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It’s Official: UCD crowned The Sunday Times University of the Year 2020

With the recent announcement of UCD as The Sunday Times University of the Year 2020, Mark Jackson takes a look at how The Sunday Times came to this conclusion.

Morale of Irish teaching staff being ‘ripped to shreds’

TUI President Seamus Lahart said: "Pay discrimination has severely damaged the profession, ripping the morale of staff to shreds and making teaching less attractive to the best graduates."

Is Your Phone Causing You to Age Faster?

Elly Dzhungurova dives into the science of bluelight behind the screen and discovers the impact to our health may not be so bright.

Your Brain on Tea

From ancient China to your kitchen, tea has shaped our culture and our brains. Lillian Loescher describes what this could indicate.

Obituary; Cormac Ó Braonáin

UCD Labour Youth on the passing of Cormac Ò Braonàin

Einstein, stop telling God what to do!

Vanshika Dhyani asks Why is Einstein still the poster child for a scientific temperament?

The Definitive Albums of the Decade

The last ten years have been a major turning point for the music industry with shifts to digital and the domination of hip hop over rock. Sinéad Dunphy rounds up some of the albums that serve as landmark records for the decade.

The Best and Worst of Christmas Music: The Good, the Bad and the Cash Grab

Anna Blackburn discusses the best and worst of Christmas music and questions the artistic integrity of the Christmas album.

Club Focus | UCD Snowsports Club

Andrew Dempsey speaks to UCD Snowsports Club captain Sophie Hayes after a meteoric rise for the club in recent years

Battle of the dairy bull calf

With ongoing expansion and growth within the dairy herd, Ireland must consider the negative consequences of an increase in the number of...

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What’s Hot/Not Hot

Your Student Guide to the Festive Season

So, you’ve got a fair bit of time to kill in the capital this Christmas season, and your not sure how to...

Katie Taylor – Ireland’s Greatest Ever Sportsperson

This may seem like a knee-jerk reaction, but there is real weight behind the support of Taylor as a true talisman of Irish sporting endeavour.

UCC reverses capitation fee increase following legal threat

University College Cork has reversed its decision to increase its student capitation fee by €200, following threats of litigation from its Students’...

Social Media and the Digital Gaze

Have you ever considered how far the gaze of others seeps into our daily lives? Simply put, the theory of gaze is...

Anseo le Úna-Minh Kavanagh

tugadh ardmholadh don leabhar i léirmheasanna thar timpeall na tíre.

Head to Head: Should we discourage tourism?

YES by Garrett Kennedy The priority of any government should be towards it citizens. The same goes for a...

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