Don’t Play With The Ouija Board- It Lies

 A board game for game night; pop culture's vogue every Halloween or a portal to Hell? Vanshika Dhyani investigates.

Precarious work as a PhD in UCD; PhDs organise to fight for better working conditions

The group ‘Anti-Casualisation UCD’ has been formed by UCD PhD students in order to combat what they claim are unjust working conditions,...

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Free condoms to be made available to third level students

Minister for Health Simon Harris has published the Report of the Working Group on Access to Contraception. Acting on their findings, Harris announced that a condom distribution service has been launched, which will allow third level institutions to order free condom dispensers from the HSE.

UCD’s gender equality action plan

What steps has the university taken to advance towards a greater gender balance in senior positions over the past year?

The Righteous Anger of Protest

What do you think of when you think of protest? The theme of political discontent seems to...

Crisis Prolonged: Catalan Secessionist Leaders Convicted of Sedition

“Madrid’s response to the Catalan secessionist bid so far has been representative of a disturbing trend: The propensity for the judicialization of politics by seeking legal resolution for what is a fundamentally political problem”

The Ignoble Prize

“The Nobel Prize should finally be abolished.” These words were spoken five years ago by the 2019...

Consider How the Plants Feel! Will Plant Cognition be the Next Big Scientific Discovery?

Is it possible that plants have feelings too and if so what proof is there? With the...

Michelin Stargazing

For over a century, the Michelin Guide has been the most famous hallmark of fine dining. First launched by the Michelin tyre...

You have to be red to be green.

People involved in the current wave of climate activism, from Extinction Rebellion (XR) to the many admirers of Greta Thunberg, to the Green...

As veganism becomes prominent meat consumption remains dominant

While veganism has come to prominence in media circles, its effects have not yet been met with the same uptake in our...

Should we be friends with bad people?

The internet has been up in arms recently over photos of former President, George W. Bush, and talk show host and national...

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Role Models

Club Focus: Olympic Handball

Nestled within the homely comforts of the UCD Sports Centre, the UCD Olympic Handball have been building slowly over the past couple of years.

National News In Brief

Number of homeless 18-24 year olds increased by 110% since 2014  The annual Focus Ireland conference has heard that...

New Bill would make learning Traveller history obligatory

The Bill is still under debate in the Oireachtas, however, if passed, it would amend the Education Act 1998 to include the compulsory teaching of Traveller culture and history.

Are we doing enough for women’s sport?

The recent Ireland v Ukraine women’s soccer match was a sell-out but are we placing enough pressure on sporting organisations to further promote women in sport?

Technological Universities Received Millions in Funding

€11.8 million has been allocated towards the growth and development of technological universities in Ireland. €90 million in total will be given...

The civil unrest in Hong Kong and how it came to be

Scenes of violence on the streets of Hong Kong have dominated news cycles in recent months. Protests involving hundreds of thousands of...

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