Your Students’ Union - the abridged version

Image Credit: Dominic Daly

The UCD Students’ Union Constitution sat in 1975, a successor to the Student Representative Council. Doireann de Courcy Mac Donnell has created a quick need-to-know guide to your UCDSU Constitution.

The Objectives of the Students’ Union:

To act as a representative body for its members and other persons registered as students of the University 

To act as the recognised means of communication between the members of the Union and the University 

To promote the welfare of students and to adapt to their evolving needs, to enhance their university experience

To promote the practise of democratisation at all levels of higher education through collective and individual participation of the members of the Union

To provide and manage social, recreational and commercial services for the benefit of its members 

To promote discussion and research on all matters of interest to the Union, and particularly on matters pertaining to the education and welfare of the members and other persons registered as students of the University.

To assist clubs, societies and other student organisations within the University where possible

To seek to promote the objectives of the Union through developing and maintaining good relations with students and student bodies in other higher education institutions, both within Ireland and elsewhere

To develop and maintain good relations with the University where consistent with the best interests of the members of the Union

To secure and defend the fundamental rights of its members set out in Article 4 of this Constitution

To promote the Irish language among its members, and throughout the University

The Members of the Union: 

All persons registered as students with University College Dublin who are pursuing recognised degree or diploma courses of the University at its Dublin campuses

All members of the Union Executive

All persons who are registered as a student with the University who are pursuing recognised degree or diploma courses of the University who ordinarily do so at its Dublin campuses but who are temporarily studying elsewhere

The IADB may grant membership of the Union for the current academic year to any person who has previously been registered as a student with the University and a member of the Union, but who has taken from their specific programme of study during the current academic year

The Fundamental Rights of Membership

Every Union member is entitled to all the rights and freedoms as set out in this Article without distinction

Every Union member shall have as far as is practicable, the right to equal access to facilities and services of the Union

Every Union member shall have the right to freedom of opinion and expression

Every Union member shall have the right to freedom of peaceful association

Every Union member or officer shall have the right to appeal decisions of the Union, or any officer or organ of the Union, in such manner as is laid out in this Constitution. The foregoing is without prejudice to the right of any other officer or individual to appeal a matter through similar means.

The President
CEO and chief spokesperson of the Union
Conor Anderson

Union Executive

Welfare Officer
Ruairí Power

Education Officer
Hannah Bryson 

Campaigns and Engagements Officer
Leighton Gray

Graduate Officer
Carla Gummerson

Entertainment Officer
Sarah Michalek

Oifigeach na Gaeilge Irish Language Officer
Tadgh Ó Maoldhomhnaigh

Law College Officer
Míde Nic Fhionnlaoich

Arts, Humanities & Social Science College Officers
Lauren Maunsell 
Sophie O’ Leary

Health Science College Officer
Marta Geszczak

Engineering & Architecture College Officer
Corey Power de Jong

Science College Officer
Emily Moore

Business College Officer
Liam Coyle

Ag, Food & Vet College Officer
Lucy Reid

Campaigns Forum

The Gender Equality Coordinator

The Environmental Coordinator

The Mature Students Coordinator

The LGBTQ+ Coordinator

The Disability Rights Coordinator

The International Students Coordinator

The Students Residences Coordinator

The Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator

The Mental Health Coordinator

The Entertainments Forum

The Production Officer

The Promotions Officer

The First Year Promotions Officer

The Non-Alcoholic Events Officer

The Entertainments Rep Coordinator

The RAG Committee Coordinator

Class Representatives 

UCD students have elected 146 class reps to represent them for 2020/2021.


Referenda of all members of the Union are used as “the supreme authority” on all matters relating to the governance of the Union and can be held under four categories: Constitutional Referendum, Policy Referendum, Consultative Referendum and Impeachment Referendum

The Independent Appeals & Disciplinary Board

There is an Independent Appeals & Disciplinary Board (IADB) which acts as the final tribunal appeal within the Union and “the ultimate judiciary authority of the Union”. It is the “final interpreter” of the Constitution and is made up of two former UCDSU sabbatical officers, including at least one former President, a practising solicitor or barrister independent of the Union and two former members of the Union who have not been members for at least three years. 

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides advice to the President and Executive Council on all financial matters, commercial activities, employment and management, and corporate governance.

The University Observer

As part of the UCDSU Constitution, there should be a newspaper published at least once every four weeks during the ordinary teaching term of the University, and should publish news online consistently throughout the year. Importantly, the newspaper shall be guaranteed full editorial independence.