Aurora Andrus reviews WOWBURGER on Wicklow Street

WOWBURGER, situated downstairs in Mary’s bar on Wicklow Street, is proving to be serious competition to the other burger places in Dublin. Its format is similar to Five Guys, you walk up to the till, place your order, select your free toppings and add any sides. This style of ordering gives it a leg up on another popular burger place, Bunsen, which has an extremely limited menu and topping choices. The variety of toppings in WOWBURGER make it more appealing to a burger lover. You can choose as many free toppings as you want. In addition to those you can add sauces, the basics like ketchup, mustard, and mayo as well as hot sauce, bbq sauce, and wowburger sauce.
“They are big, juicy, greasy, and cooked to order just as a burger should be.”
The burgers themselves are quite tasty and there are several base burgers to choose from. You can get a hamburger, cheeseburger, or bacon cheeseburger as your base and create your burger from there. They are big, juicy, greasy, and cooked to order just as a burger should be. There are also mini burgers for the less adventurous eater. The chips are cooked to perfection, crispy and perfect for dipping. You can get regular chips, garlic butter chips, and chilli chips.My cheeseburger with grilled onions, mushrooms, and wowburger sauce was everything I could ever want in a burger, big, juicy and messy. The garlic butter chips are incredible and way better than the traditional garlic sauce chips. The garlic butter is tangy, sweet, and coats every chip (not just the top ones). Overall the food is delicious and will keep you wanting to come back to try all the different combinations.The price is great for what you get, especially compared to the competition. The decor is that of a retro diner, lots of stripes and 50s decorations. The vibe is great for a date, a quick bite with a friend, or a place to bring the whole family. The target audience is definitely young adults. Catering to this group there is a bar downstairs serving pints to go with your burger. You can order soft drinks and shakes but there’s nothing like having a nice cold pint to wash down your burger. The classic combinations WOWBURGER offers make it a top contender in the Dublin’s burger scene. The staff are great, the ambiance is fun and energetic, and the food is absolutely delicious. It’s a great burger place that will leave you full and wait for your next burger craving.