World Vision Ireland Warns of the Danger of Covid-19 in Syrian Camps

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Maurice Sadlier, Programmes Director of World Vision Ireland said that Covid-19 will cripple the Syrian healthcare system.

Many Syrians are living in these camps in tents or outside exposed to the freezing cold  He said: If coronavirus hits the camps in Syria, it will spread like wildfire. These camps are overcrowded, lack hygiene facilities, food supplies, and clean, running water. A lot of these camps are rife with poor health - many families are already battling tuberculosis, pneumonia, hypothermia, cardiovascular disease and hypertension, malaria, anemia, HIV and AIDS.” 

He emphasised that: “People who have so little are exposed to so much danger, in this crisis. Whilst every country is experiencing difficulties and tragedies in their response to the coronavirus, these issues are heightened and more dangerous for people in the Syrian camps.”

The charity has also warned that 30 million children are at risk of secondary health conditions. According to their statistics, due to the lack of immunisation, more than 26 million children are in danger of being infected by other diseases. There will also be a 40% increase in malnutrition as 5 million children are increasingly suffering from malnutrition and more 100,000 children could die from malaria, a 50% jump from current numbers. 

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, World Vision Ireland,an international aid charity, has issued a response in 17 other priority countries other than Syria such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, DR Congo, Haiti and India. The charity hopes to reach 22.5 million people with 11 million of which are children.