#Winning or #Binning


Tartan dreams

Fashionistas have been crying from the rooftops about tartan this season. Find Paddington Bear and steal his scarf, breathe new life into those tartan shoelaces circa your emo phase or spend your pay-cheque in American Apparel. Do whatever it takes, coz tartan is happening, so deal with it.




Praise Jebus, for cardigans, coatigans and long tees. Top-notch work.


Winter is coming, get the cows in already, and get that jumper on.

Lady-like lengths

Keep it classy Hons, over the knee silhouettes keep them guessing on whether you’re wearing spanks or not #cheeky


Attempting to look like fourth Haim sister, is a full time job. Attempted by many, accomplished by none.







Penneys shoes

Penneys’ inability to make shoes that aren’t water-soluble, literally have to #bin them how awks.

Coat Envy

Struggling with emotions of jealously and hate, and not asking that bitch where she got her fur-trimmed coat on principle. She stank of Topshop though, gonna look there xoxo

Basketball Tees

You look ridiculous Hon, unless you have a perspiration problem or are actually playing basketball, that t-shirt is #void.

Pony Skin

Who made this a legitimate material? What’s worse is it’s #trending in the fashion world, the poor ponies are quaking in their pony boots #youdonteatmymeatbutyouwearmeasaskirt #kantkope


Nike Air Max

It was good being able to sashay from the gym to Workmans with relative ease while it lasted #inhipsterswetrust