With the new year upon us, Emily Mullen attempts to set a few things straight with your shoddy shoddy lives. What was in last year could be in a bin now, so sort it out



Naked 3 palette
12 nudes with a slight rosy tinge make them an especially gorgeous industry essential kit. Shame the rosy hues look better on those few of us with olive, brown and black skins. #harumph 

Doc Martens
A sensible and #trending alternative to the humble wellie. Suitable for long walks through the beach, puddle jumping and snow clearing.

Iggy Azalea’s ass
We hear you gurl, if only we all had that fashion accessory. #bish #bittercos’shesfitter 

Lush overdose
The overflow of lotions and nice-smelling potions is finally coming in handy this side of Christmas.

Faux Fur Headbands
Are being sold from venders all over Dublin City Centre, cheap and cheerful and they help disguise bad hair. #win #win #win #win



Split-front skirt
A mouthful of a title and a mouthful of a thing. We were a bit miffed when this style first trickled into the high street and even more miffed at the fact that it is still here.

Band tees
Oh my god you like Joy Division, w00w I’d have never guessed? #cultured #listened2alltheBsidesyo

Puffy vests
Though it might seem like a good idea when it’s cold in the morning, the reality is that come midday you’ll be warm and you will be wearing a puffy vest. #puffyvestages

Florals for spring
How original, excuse me while I go plant my daffodils and clean the house #clichéyabishé

A healthy-selfie of the green juices drunk or the view of your runners from your 12k run sheer smuggery. #effoff #Ijustdidarunrun