Baton down the hatches as Emily Mullen Goes on the rampage, presenting what is #winning and what is most definitely #binning


Since MIC came back we’ve been licking our tellyboxes at the sight of him. How is he real? #thosesuits #thosecheekbones #Kantevendeal

Lucas Papaw ointment
The most unreal thing to ever hit your lips. Vaseline can go and suck it #ssrly. Do not be deterred by the strange packaging or the fact that you have to source it yourself from Australia. #totesworthit

Soap and Glory make up
Basically gives two fingers to MAC, how even dare they charge so much for what Soapy Glory babes are doing on the cheap. #concealthisattitude

Belibe in the power of the onsie readers. The world famous designer brand Pennys have a hunreal collection of onsies at the moment; pigs, sheeps, mooses (meese?) whatever catches your fancy #rave2thegraveinaonsie



If one more man-bun is seen around campus, Otwo will scream. Boys plz, unless you’re Proudlock (see above you peasant), you can piss right off. #OnlyPruddersCanMun

Sexy Halloween Costumes
Slags, put yizzerselves away. We kant be dealing with you and your sexy Barney outfit #getthatmankypurpletailawayfrommelike #ktanxs

The Rain
This consistently rag-ordered weather can literally go and suck it. How is a hun supposed to wear her fab new A/W wardrobe if it’s damp and accessorised by a pox umbrella? #kantkope #ChildofPragueplzhalp

The hour going back
Another day another hour of daylight gone, goodbye naturally blended makeup, “Hello I did my make up in the dark and yes I noticed the stark contrast in colour between my face and neck in the dark this morning too.” #onlyGodcanjudgeme #donth8mecosImbeautiful