Degree Programme Jumpers

Naffness? Check. Terrible pun? Check. Eye-watering colour? Check. Warmness? Triple check. It’s not summer anymore peeps. Time to replace fashionable semi-nudity with warmth and cosiness #butthejokeisolderthanthatprofessor


Walter White and Jesse Pinkman have started a trend. Get yourself kitted out with a full length, baggy ensemble before they head out of fashion #dontforgetthegasmask


Halloween decorations

Gals how have you not spotted this yet? Dangly neon skeleton earrings are ALL the rage right now. Don’t get left behind and end up in D|two’s on All Hallow’s Eve wearing studs #scarlehforyergrannyforhavinyerma


Break out your inner pornstar with those thigh highs you found in the bargain bin in Guineys #thosearewellieshon #agriculturalbasedeconomiesmehole


So comfy. So stylish. Look at those elegantly designed curves and overlarge soles. No wardrobe is complete without them #getwiththeprogramme





Eos lip balm

Evolution of smooth? If you need an egg that Miley Cyrus abused with her face to feel like your lips are smooth, you need help. And a list of the stuffs ingredients #fullytraceablemearse

Off the shoulder jumpers

The bed sheet was the attire of Ancient Rome. Stop trying to resurrect dead trends. They’re dead for a reason. #Romosexual


There once was a time when a fisherman draped his nets over his shoulder after a hard day’s work, and a young indie kid spotted him from afar and decided he was hip. So now it’s “cool” to wear nets. Are you going fishing? No? Then change #nobodywantstoseeyournips


It is impossible to see the lecture slides with your enormous hairdo. Buns exist to be eaten, nothing more #onegirlhadapineapple #justwashyourdamnhair


Blocky Eyebrows

What part of this is good? Looking like you had a fight with permanent marker makes you come across like a junkie from South William Street on a Tuesday night #lostfromsocietyorwha