Why should people travel to Dublin for Black History Month?

Image Credit: Gregory DALLEAU on Unsplash

Travel Editor Colleen McShane reveals some of the exciting events that will take place across Ireland's capital in celebration of Black History Month.

Throughout the years, Dublin has honoured Black History Month in many different and diverse ways through an array of culturally-curated activities that span from cuisine and African culture to the arts and Black cinematography. In 2023, Black History Month continues to be celebrated in Ireland’s capital, subsequently making Dublin one of many European cities worth visiting to experience Black culture at its peak. 


This year, the GalPal Collective and GORM have partnered up to bring recognition to Black filmmakers for Black History Month for an unforgettable event entitled ‘AJOYO’, which derives from the Yoruba word for ‘celebration’.The event takes place on October 21st on Lower Camden Street and runs between 2PM and 5PM. The event is supported by Creative Europe Media Desk and the International Decade For People Of African Descent Fund and aims to shed light on the phenomenal work achieved by Black creatives and filmmakers in Ireland. ‘AJOYO’ is the event of the month: free of charge, but charged with educational significance and engagement opportunities.  

Renaissance Room Supper Club:

For Black History Month this year, the Renaissance Room Supper Club is hosting a five-course meal with renowned chef Victor Okunowo. Okunowo is a London-based Pan-African chef who reached the semi-finals of Masterchef Professionals in 2020. According to Event Brite, the event will feature a night filled with drink pairings, live music, and an art installation. The evening begins at 5:45PM on Saturday the 21st of October, after GalPal Collective’s ‘AJOYO’ event. Tickets cost €54.60, yet the unforgettable experience will be worth it to the last cent.  

‘The Exhibition’:

Tech and Inclusion Advocates present ‘The Exhibition’, an artistic reimagined view of the Irish-African community. For a mere €6.34 you can spend a day celebrating Black history and culture among Black artists, storytellers, hair stylists, musicians and local businesses. Tech & Inclusion Advocates promise enlightening conversations, insightful historical presentations, and engaging panel discussions at the event on October 21st. 

Saturday the 21st of October during this year’s Black History Month is evidently a day of vibrancy and celebration for the Black community in Ireland. Dublin will be booming with activities that cater toward honouring the Black community in Ireland whilst also promoting inclusivity within interdisciplinary art forms.