Why Hollywood Gays Toe the Line

As we all know, Hollywood is very detached from the rest of the world, both as an industry and as a collection of individuals. Some for instance, seem completely unaware that declining conversation with a war criminal isn’t rude. Others see no harm in openly starting a cult. It’s a weird place.

One thing that all media darlings seem to agree upon in that wacky town, is that the pressure of the spotlight put on them by the media is immense, and that the pressure grows exponentially if you are known to be part of a marginalised group. This is what leads to queer celebrities being held to a higher standard, both by the public and by their peers. You become a representation, not just of yourself, but of your community, and as any semi-political queer person can tell you, it’s impossible to keep both the straight, cisgender community and the queer community happy with you.

This is factors into how things like the Queer Eye guys casually disregarding leftists candidates happens, despite them holding many left leaning views. They need to keep the side that holds power happy, because if they don’t their social standing can diminish in the eyes of those who sign their contracts. Especially in the early stages of their careers, every stance an LGBTQ+ celebrity takes is a risk, and one that has to be calculated.

That being said, celebrities can reach a certain level of influence and wealth that the risk that comes with being openly LGBT diminishes to the point of it not even being a factor anymore. Say, for talks sake, the host of one of the most popular morning talk shows in the country definitely holds enough sway that they would have to murder someone in the street to lose the safety fame and money has afforded them. And can definitely just choose not to make polite conversation with a homophobic war criminal. Just saying.