Why don’t we just print more houses?

Ah the housing crisis. After the Coveney crisis, Leaving Cert crisis, Vaccine cert crisis, and inner-city violence crisis, it’s got to be at least a top five crisis from the government this summer, who just can’t seem to stop churning out the hits. Not even Leo telling NPHET to eff-it can compare in terms of consistency. 

The whole glorious shambles was brought back up last week when the Minister for Protestant haircuts and noted lobbyist for Big Tent, Darragh O’Brien, announced his plan to kick the proverbial can down the road, at least as far as the nearest squatter. 

Micheál Martin has called it a long-standing, permanent plan to end homelessness, ironically so, as he too is due to be evicted from his role as Taoiseach and leader of his party over a year before the end of his lease. 

All in all, the whole thing is an exercise in how stupid you, the voter, are. Following Fianna Fail’s housing plan is like getting flying lessons from Osama Bin Laden. You can expect more buildings to come down than be put up.