Following the success of their original ‘A Night at the Movies’ event, the UCD Symphony Orchestra is preparing to showcase the follow-up, ‘A Night at the Movies II’, writes Sara Holbrook.

The orchestra was founded in 2002 and has put on many performances in its time, both here in UCD and also in the National Concert Hall.

‘A Night at the Movies’, which was performed by the orchestra in 2008, proved to be extremely popular amongst UCD students. According to the conductor, Ciaran Crilly, “it was one of the best concerts we’ve ever done on campus. There was always a ground swell from within the orchestra to do something like this again,” and so this year’s orchestra have obliged.

With re-workings of iconic themes from throughout cinematic history, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy, and there will also be a big screen accompanying clips during the show. The showcase will feature music from the Harry Potter series, Star Wars, and Schindler’s List as well as a synched accompaniment to a Road Runner Cartoon and a silent Laurel and Hardy clip.

The orchestra have been practicing for ‘A Night at the Movies II’ since the third week of the semester, which is a testament to the intricacies of this type of show and the challenges the musicians are still facing during the final days of rehearsal. As Crilly says; “The music has to be perfectly synced to the Road Runner cartoon and the music is incredibly fast so it’s actually technically very difficult,” but he is sure that UCD’s musicians are all up to the challenge. He also assured Otwo that “there isn’t anything like this happening, and other student orchestras aren’t doing it … with an orchestra this size, this type of thing is very hard to mount, it doesn’t happen very often.” The soloist in this production will be the acclaimed violinist, David O’Doherty and the conductor is confident that audience members will get their money’s worth.

One third of the tickets had already been sold at time of going to press, so make sure to get yours soon to avoid disappointment. With a student-friendly price of €5 and free wine after the show, this is a night not to be missed.

‘A Night at the Movies II’ will take place in the Astra Hall on November 16th. Tickets are priced at €5 for students, €15 for non-students and can be bought online at