What’s Hot/What’s Not



Forum Bar 2.0
Another year, another shiny new facility awaiting ruin by masses of inebriated Diceys-bound students. After depriving the entire student body of a boozin’ centre for one year, UCD have tactfully made the decision to install as many new televisions as possible into the place that’ll be hit hardest by the storm of pent-up student alcoholism. As the fella says, it’s not a good night unless someone smashes the value of their student centre levy.


Hard Working Class Heroes Festival
Nearly in its teenage years, Dublin’s best mid-autumn, non-site-specific, small-scale music festival has returned. This year’s offerings have quadrupled in size, with much more free daytime gigs and Artist’s Panel events scattered around the city. Running from Thursday 3rd – Saturday 5th, Keep an ear out for Daithí, Hozier and Tieranniesaur, all of whom have received this week’s “Fuck yeah!” of approval.

The End of Disorientation Month
The annual parade of pretending that Belfield’s 320 acres of Soviet-inspired infrastructure can somehow be made a more welcoming place is over again. At least the sea of blue t-shirts breaks up the nauseating façade of grey, which we owe to the 60s; the decade in which architectural aesthetics were dictated by hallucinogens. Orientation is an ambitious title anyway, when most footpaths are under construction and the schools of Law and Architecture aren’t pictured on the campus map.



Your undying J1 sentiments
Because just one “America, you’ve been amazing!!1!” Facebook status is simply not enough anymore. Kill any remaining doubts that you are capable of original thought and remind us again that your life changed for the better when you made the decision to relocate your binge drinking from a field somewhere at home to a disreputable Irish bar somewhere in Chicago. And you don’t need to formally announce your gratitude anyway; the NSA already knows what you did. All of it

Smoking Ban on Campus
There is solid evidence that John Henry Newman himself would be against this. In Bishop Paul Cullen’s 1854 letter to the Vatican’s office Propaganda fide, wherein he criticized J.H. Newman’s Being-A-Sound-Lad by letting students smoke it was stated, “The young men are allowed to go out at all hours, to smoke, etc.” Don’t let anyone discourage you from shmokes; cigarettes may give you cancer but John Henry Newman gives you university. Check and mate..

Arthur’s Day Hangover
The only thing more painful than the wiped-memory and depleted-neuron-count damage that Arthur’s Day incurs is the waking capitalist guilt that you’ve just inadvertently given Guinness Corporation their annual dose of free social media PR work. And then the online hype pushed you into going out too, because you’re a flake. And so is your mother.