What’s Hot/Not Hot

What’s HotFeedBuzzHumans love lists because listing things conjures a sense of control out of nowhere over nothing. Buzzfeed has taken advantage of our feeble, impressionable brains to such an extent that we can’t make it through the day without encountering numbered pop cultural trash. They’re almost worse than magazine-dwelling What’s Hot & What’s Not columns. Enter FeedBuzz, the internet’s best piss-take website that “has good content, good articles that are original, good writers, and good news.” Our favourite article from the social news organization so far: Ten of the Twerkinest Moments In the US-Pakistan agreement on drones.Todd Terje’s Debut Album AnnouncedHot dang, it’s album time! Last week Norwegian disco wizard Todd Terje confirmed the upcoming release of his first full-length record, inspirationally entitled It’s Album Time. Due for release on the April 8th, it’s set to feature Bryan Ferry and promises a dazzling display of ear-melting electropop. Teamed with the announcement of a Dublin show on May 25th in the Button Factory and the release of his new single ‘Strandbar’, we’ll forgive you for soiling yourself with excitement.Palentines DayBecause cheap lingerie is overrated and we shouldn’t need a greeting card holiday like Valentines to pressure us into purchasing ill-fitting lacy jocks that were most probably fashioned out of apple cores and Chinese newspapers to ensnare the opposite sex with. Why not celebrate Palentines Day instead? Make or do something lovely for your favourite mates and mark the anniversary of Poor Underwear Choice Day by guzzling the least romantic €4 bottle of wine Tesco has to offer. Not HotNekNominationsHave you not heard of Nek Nominations? You must not be friends with the Lads. It’s not good enough that you’re a closet alcoholic like the rest of us, you also have to be Lad enough to neck gargle on demand, and film it, and then re-assert your affiliation with the Lads.  Extra LedgeBag LadBantz points for consuming anything sourced from, or plugged through, any bodily orifice other than the mouth. Especially your own arse.Your Hangover from St Brigid’s DayIt seems like we just can’t celebrate the start of Celtic Spring without getting hopelessly obliterated for St Brigid’s Day. But sure, wasn’t St Brigid herself a great woman for the Dutch Gold? Any Pagan who’s worth their salt will tell you that she was. As the patron saint of boatmen, milkmaids, babies, printing presses, and fugitives among other things, it’s no wonder she was hitting the beer most weeknights. #neknominateStBrigidProposed closure of the Exchange in Temple BarSomehow, one of Dublin’s only non-alcoholic spaces for culture and art exchange has been accused of facilitating alcoholism and/or tomfoolery and/or the unbeckoned frolicking of youths. This seems like a largely uninformed decision from Dublin City Arts Officer Ray Yeates, whose suspense of their licence is unwarranted and dumb. The Exchange is a unique and necessary resource for everyone in the city (cool kids and squares alike). Help it stay alive at www.exchangedublin.ie.