What's Hot, What's Not


Sports-themed Drinking GamesIt’s been a summer of sporting triumph. For many of those who are not devout followers of ‘The Game’, the dramatic highs and lows of the Olympics, Wimbledon & Euro 2012 have been honoured by hosting customised drinking games. If you haven’t yet taken part in one, fear not, we have two All-Ireland Championship Finals ahead of us yet. Tins ahoy!New Lake on CampusThe construction of a new lake outside the engineering building aims to reduce flooding in UCD, which is good news for everyone’s footwear. It also means we’ll have more swans with an irrational hatred of everything, and we’re exploiting the one asset UCD has that Trinity doesn’t: a plurality of lakes. In their faces.‘90s ClothingEveryone is a winner with the revival of 90s fashion. You can unintentionally pull off ‘The Kurt Cobain’ with messy-look hair and deliberately torn clothing, or you can commit to the knee socks and blouse combination that emanates Cher Horowtiz’s wardrobe on Clueless. Regardless, you won’t even have to buy anything new because most of the necessary accessories are still lying around the house from your younger days.


Ronan Keating’s New AlbumWith a solid 181 sales in its first week, Ronan Keating’s Fires has undoubtedly hit the ground running. This is representative of either the exact number of people left in his fan base, or the amount of money he was willing to spend on buying copies of his own album to push it up the charts.No Black MondayBlack Monday’s cancellation defines irony. In the absence of a student bar, campaigns to drink en masse on a campus field were formed but latterly disbanded owing to the weather. Essentially, a day that celebrates cancelling everything to go drinking, gets cancelled, and there’s widespread uproar. Look at yourselves. Just look.Bad Hair DyeAny endeavour that begins as a homage to Katy Perry and ends as a ‘who wore it better’ rivalry with the swamp monster from Scooby Doo, is decidedly not hot. Dousing your classmates dry, lurid locks with bleach, toner, and a nice medium brown your mother would be proud of may not win you any friends, but you’ll at least get some amusement from their enraged screams, something along the lines of: “And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”