What's Hot, What's Not

HotTinTinAlmost three years after filming began, The Adventures of TinTin is finally being released here this fortnight. TinTin is actually about eighty now, but he’s still the young reporter you know and love. Complete with his ever-reliable sidekick, Snowy, he’s ready to solve whatever mysteries are thrown his way. It’s not released in America until late December – sucks to be them!Return of the Irish ApprenticeBill Cullen is pretending he's a big deal again in another series of 'De Apprentiss'. Not satisfied with stealing Donald Trump's show, he's also stolen Alan Sugar's new format, offering successful candidates an investment in their business rather than a job. Complete with all the Bill-isms we've come to expect, it looks set to offer similar levels of unintentional hilarity as before. You're fiort!Opening of Healthy Food OutletsAccording to some nice little signs on the doors of what used to be Nine One One and Elements, healthy food outlets are coming soon to campus. As much as we will all miss Nine One One's mediocre sandwiches and Elements' somewhat erratic opening hours, more choice is definitely to be welcomed.NotWearing heels to classUCD's a big place and being tall here is not worth it if it means wearing skyscraper heels while walking to class across campus, i.e. up and down the countless sets of steps you'll encounter along the way. A simple lecture change shouldn't take twenty minutes and cause you pain in the process. UCD is not a theme park - there are no height restrictions. Heels are unnecessary.Impending Essay DoomYou've known you had to write those essays since the start of term, but now they're all due together and all the books you need are no longer in the library and about nine people have already reserved them ahead of you, making sure you won't get to see them unless you end up repeating the class. Why all the essays at once, UCD?Hat SeasonIt may only be October but it's easily cold enough to start wearing hats, scarves and gloves again. As warm and cosy as they are, it's almost hard to justify getting your woolies out on these slightly windy days compared with last year's ice and snow. Time to man-up, already.