What’s Hot, What’s Not

What’s HotCommunity and Parks and Recreation: America’s two best comedies are back on your Internet telly box, and the denizens of Pawnee and Greendale are sure to have you desperately trying to suppress your giggles at the back of Friday morning lectures. Watch out for added Michael K. Williams (The Wire, *ahem* Trapped in the Closet).Ryan Gosling: The dude is everywhere. Drive looks to be a great film in that Taxi Driver mould and he’s easily crossing into the mainstream with Crazy, Stupid, Love and the upcoming The Ides of March, also starring George Clooney. His star is on the rise.Drake: Drizzy was already on our good side with the recent releases of strong efforts such as ‘I’m on One’, ‘Headlines’ and the sublime ‘Marvin’s Room’, but then he went a revealed himself as a FIFA 12 fan. What a man.Brava’s Chicken Tenders: As the fast food joint closest to the ‘Windowless Office of Doom’ ©, we are frequent customers of the Café Brava and Otwo was overjoyed to see that with the new college year came the return of their old-school chicken tenders. Oh, we’ve most definitely missed you. Nom.What’s Not

Mark Zuckerberg: Multi-billionaire gets bored, decides to dick around with Facebook in cry for attention. Otwo should set the Winkelvii on him.The University Times: You should have gone to UCD? Please, stay away. We thought you were better than that, UT.Deluxe Reissues: Otwo is aware that the music industry is in trouble and that they need to milk their sacred cows for all they’re worth, but we don’t need to have be reminded of Nevermind‘s (or any other classic album’s) greatness, and we definitely don’t need seven alternate versions of ‘Territorial Pissings’.Carlos Tevez: The selfish mercenary has proven his detractors right, once and for all. Fans from the red and blue sides of Manchester will rejoice when he leaves in January.