What's Hot & What's Not

What’s HotThe New Shins AlbumFive years since Wincing the Night Away was released, the Shins have finally managed to squeeze out another album. Port of Morrow may be long-awaited by fans, and there may have been fears that it would be more of a Mercer solo project than a real Shins album with the new band line-up, but worry not, it is still assuredly Shins-y. Not so long next time, yeah?S Club ReformingS Club 2 has been doing the college circuit for several years now, but the whole band is said to be reforming, having decided it's “a case of now or never” this week. That, or enough time has passed since Jo's stint in the Big Brother house, and the rest of them haven't been up to much anyway. They don't stop, never give up, and are bringing it all back to you.King Gold Standard Wexford Cheddar CrispsWe rarely trust anything that resorts to declaring itself 'King' as some sort of confusing marketing tool, but in this case, King may have actually managed to live up to their name. Even managing to surpass Tayto levels of nom, it would seem that Wexford Cheddar is superior to whatever nonsense they put in any other crisps. Oh hai Kate's Mom.What’s NotThe End of TallaforniaSo here at Otwo, we will happily embrace hypocrisy when necessary, and this is one of those times. Tallafornia may have placed high on the What’s Not list mere weeks ago, but we take it all back. Tallafornia was a peculiar kind of genius which brought ‘so bad, it’s good’ to a whole new level, and while we won’t miss seeing Nikita’s vajazzle every other minute, the impending lack of lols has us lost.Waiting for responses to internship applicationsYou sold your soul and your dreams of a J1 in exchange for filling out application forms so long they may as well have asked for a copy of your primary school reports and a history of your sexual health, and then you hear nothing. It doesn’t matter that they said it would be April when you would hear, you want to make summer plans now and the waiting game is not fun. Wah!Jessica Simpson does a Demi MooreSo apparently Jessica Simpson is pregnant; presumably no one knew because no one even knows who she is anymore. And apparently the people at Elle don’t care as they’ve put a very pregnant and naked Jessica on their cover. Why? It was kind of cool when Demi did it, but a million celebrities later, we don’t care. Put your clothes back on.