What's Hot and What's Not: September 23rd, 2008


Zelda Cunningham’s guide to what’s rocking her world this fortnight.


What’s Hot

Scroobius Pip
After teaming up with DJ Dans le Sac, the beardy, Essex-based poet’s didactic, rap-poems became infectious. Following the notoriety of the 2007 track, ‘Thou Shall Always Kill’, the duo look set to moralise to America, with tour dates dotted the country. Ethical rap with urban dance beats- even better than Michael Bublé.

Slaves of Dublin
Although Monday nights are usually reserved for sock darning, the Village boasts a new night out that can put the final nail in the coffin of Tuesday morning lectures. An Indie-disco, free admission and cocktails for @6, what else are you in college for?

The Rathmines burger joint probably is too trendy for its own good, what with a DJ, old comic books for menus and running water. Yet the burgers are mouth watering and it’s open late, way past bedtime, which makes it even cooler. Am I right? Try the Chiawelo and the Zola, not at the same time though.

Cyanide and Happiness
Daily stick-figure cartoons demonstrate the sadism, masochism, dirty mindedness and oddness of the human psyche. The real-life, smarter and funnier Itchy and Scratchy! Visit www.explosm.net for all the gory details.

What’s Not

Tables on the Concourse
Like mushrooms, the concourse has been littered with these superfluous, ridiculous tables. In a time of recession, budget cuts and no extra-shot of caramel in our macchiatos, UCD decided to create these seatless monstrosities which, when the winter wind blows, no one will go near. As pieces of modern art, maybe, but as anything useful? Absolutely not.

Student Politics
Oh Jesus! Are you serious? Freshers’ Week is full of mindless idiots trying to get you to sign up to some political party, wearing Daddy’s big-boy shoes just in case Enda Kenny walks by, which he will. Show strength against them. Playschool politicians are really not cool.

Roisin Ingle
Back from the broadsheet to the Saturday magazine, Roisin Ingle is here to remind us that, yes, she has a boyfriend, and yes, every woman really just wants a dream wedding. Hand me a bucket. You, madam, are no Carrie Bradshaw, so stop it. But lets face it, its only a matter of time before RTÉ gives Ingle her own show… *shudder*

Tough LeBeouf
Awww! Ain’t he cute? Ickle Shia LeBeouf aka ‘Louis’ from Even Stevens, is an action hero now! And he even smokes wikkle cigarettes! Sigh, they grow up so fast- into the least believable bad boys ever. If any of you go and see Eagle Eye, I will hunt you down… I swear!