What's Hot and What's Not: October 21st, 2008

Zelda Cunningham's fortnightly guide to what's rocking her world and what's rocking her boat...What's HotCapitolNestled on the corner of Aungier Street, Capitol has long been overlooked by the greater drinking population. However, by offering €5 cocktails every night of the week, our heads have been turned! Cheap cocktails on a Friday night? Capitol idea!WHY?Combining melancholy lyrics, angsty guitars and hip-hop beats, Californian band WHY? stand out from their peers with a different slant on the indie rock genre, particularly with their 2008 release, Alopecia. See for yourself on the Andrew's Lane Theatre on 1st November.SabaThis Thai and Vietnamese restaurant on Clarendon Street looks awfully fancy from the outside, however with many meals costing under €15, you can enjoy oriental delights without having to wash the dishes to pay. Try their Saki Mojito… mmmm.Tina FeyHaving written arguably the funniest teen flick ever, Mean Girls, Tina Fey has again taken the limelight with her terrifyingly accurate portrayal of Republican vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. To keep the comedy coming, we nearly hope Palin stays in the public eye… nearly.What's NotSeoigeOh, for the love of Christ… the same boring tripe with the same boring purveyors. The Seoige sisters, Gráinne and Síle, attempt a world record in how many people they can bore to death with their new show. Oh, if I could only just find the remote!Uni HoodiesNow lets just think about this, did you really go to UCLA? Hmm? Did you study Advanced Physics in Harvard? Well? No, you didn’t, did you? So why then, are you advertising your delusions by wearing American university hoodies? Face it, UCD owns you for the foreseeable future so dawn your navy blue, and shut up!Sarah SilvermanApart from a moderately funny, infamous ‘duet’ with Matt Damon, Sarah Silverman is entirely overrated. Bitching about fat people in a girlie, childish voice does not make you funny, just because you are female and own a guitar. Balls off, Silverman!Recession GloomPeople have descended to the level of beasts; smuggling cheap drink into night clubs (more than usual), stealing toilet roll from the Arts Block and yes, even… recycling teabags. Not even a nuclear holocaust would justify this! If I know what I think I do about economics, I know that if you ignore the recession, it will go away.