What's Hot and What's Not: November 4th, 2008

Zelda Cunningham shares what's in her heart, and gets the rest off her chest...What's NotGingermanLocated on 40 Fenian Street behind Trinity, the Gingerman pub has become a hive of student activity, which is always fun, even if they are from Trinners. Evoking ‘old-man chic’, the Gingerman is a favourite of visiting celebrities such as Johnny Depp… and... well, who else matters? Trad drinking at its finest!Martha WainwrightHaving played a sensational, sensual show in the Olympia on Sunday 2nd November, Martha Wainwright, sister of Rufus and daughter of Loudon, is establishing herself as a solid performer in the ever-fleeting limelight. Listen out for upcoming tour dates for a chance to enjoy her mature, emotional and nostalgic examination of folk-rock.Charlie BrookerWrithing with cynicism, the Guardian columnist has ridiculed the media from afar, but now has written a six-part horror for E4, entitled Dead Set. For once, the Big Brother house isn’t the scariest place in Britain as zombies wreak havoc on the outside world. Being as sharp as Brooker's writing, it was the best thing E4 produced in years.The demise of Russell BrandAfter he and Jonathan Ross verbally assaulted Andrew Sachs, Brand’s career is vamoosing very rapidly down the pan. Let’s face it; he’s a 30 year-old ‘Emo’ whose ‘comedy’ ranges only to saying big words to stupid people and talking about sex. So long, Brand… we won’t miss you.What's NotKatherine LynchRarely aghast, I actually nearly fainted when I saw this humourless wench on our country’s main TV station. Only an imbecile would actually find her parochial depictions of “Little Ireland” in any way amusing but actually ‘blacking up’ and mocking Nigerians is hugely offensive. RTÉ, hang your head in shame!Chanel socialistsYes you’re wonderful, aren’t you?! Waving your red flag at governmental ministers protesting against the €600 increase in college fees. Think, it’s almost the cost of that Louis Vuitton bag daddy bought you after you failed your driving test! Go home, princess.LeggsLocated in a dingy basement on Leeson street, Leggs has some sort of magnetic pull on members of the inebriated community. Why is that I always seem to end up there and why is that the cheapest bottle of wine is €36 and why is it that I always buy one? Too yuppyish, too dark, too expensive; save your money for your taxi home.StripesOne man one day wore a striped shirt and every other guy in the world decided to wear them for all eternity. Horizontal stripes make you look like a convict. White shirts with strips make you look a knacker. My advice? Go for polka dots.