Your fortnightly guide to the great and the God-awful with Michelle McCormick…


Starbucks Red Cups
It’s Christmas in a cup! The only seasonal indulgence that doesn’t make everyone cringe when it appears in early November, Starbucks Christmas drinks are so good, they’ll make you hate the coffee company for not making them all year round. Get a gingerbread latte intya and see if you don’t hear sleighbells.

Claudia Winkleman
Her appearance on Strictly’s Saturday show made us love her all the more. Poor Brucey had the flu, tedious Tess took the main presenting slot and lovely Claudia went backstage to receive the dancers and get the scores. Now if we could just keep her there and eliminate Tess altogether, Strictly would be that step closer to pure perfection… we can work on getting rid of Alesha later.

Tonic chicken wings
Is there anything the Blackrock bar doesn’t do amazingly? Great cocktails, great bar food and now the best chicken wings you’ll find in South County Dublin. A great option if you don’t want to trek into town for that hungover Sunday brunch!

Pre-Christmas exams
Yeah, Christmas exams suck epic donkey balls – but thank the baby Jesus, holy St Joseph, the innkeeper, the goat and the smelly shepherds that we don’t have to do them after the festive season. How could you enjoy your big fat turkey dinner with all the trimmings with Sociology 101 hanging over your head?


No red cups in UCD
What’s the point in having our very own Starbucks in UCD if they don’t give us the good stuff? Starbucks’ Christmas drinks aren’t available on-campus – instead the coffee shop sits there, taunting us with the possibility of gingerbready goodness, but not actually delivering. Cruel.

Dangerous, treacherous excuse for a sport. What once had novelty value is now a looming terror every winter. Those not blessed with balance and co-ordination still get dragged onto the ice to flail about and fall on their asses, getting in the way of those who can actually skate. I don’t know what’s on your Christmas list – but humiliation certainly isn’t on mine.

Giant umbrellas
Hey, you – you with the enormous umbrella. Are you huddled in the centre of a group of people that are somehow invisible? No? Are you trying to keep your over-inflated ego dry? Possibly. All I know is that you’re going to take someone’s eye out with that big-beyond-all-sense umbrella. For the love of sanity, go to Penney’s and buy a normal one before you blind someone.

Bus Gate whining
Poor little car drivers have to (gasp!) get public transport into town. Woe is them! How could the city council possibly force people to get off their lazy asses and walk from one end of the city centre to another?! I mean, it takes all of ten minutes after all. Not to mention all the business the stores are losing due to people not being able to park as close as is humanly possible to the door of the shops… shame on us all for wanting buses and taxis to be able to go places.