What's Hot and What's Not


Zelda Cunnigham‘s fortnightly guide to the great and the gruesome…WHAT’S HOT…

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
Casiotone is the solo project of Owen Ashworth who, armed with a retro-Casio SK-1, weaves agnsty, yet coy tracks about failed aspirations and disenfranchised youth – but don’t worry, it isn’t nearly as ‘emo’ as it sounds! See his quirky, lo-fi stylings in all their splendour in Whelan’s on 19th April.


Stag’s Head
Nothing beats moaning about the recession with a pint of the black stuff in a nostalgic ‘old-Dub’ bar like this elegantly decorated Dame Lane saloon. Dawn a tweed cap, get some varicose veins and pull-up to the ornate mahogany bar to give out about the errant youth of today.

This Ranelagh eatery is worth a trip of the 11B purely for their magnifi cent cupcakes. The quaint little café also offers more sensible dinner options like delicious quiche and scrumptious pies, but these are mere hurdles in the way of your cupcake eating. Try the cupcakes with a side of cupcakes for full effect.

Pirate Language on Facebook
Setting your Facebook language to Pirate English will render your usually boring profi le into a sight to behold. ‘Abandon ship’ to log off, set your relationship status to ‘saucy wench’, ‘mangle your litany’ and be ‘mateys’ with the world!


Celebrity Twitter
As if celebrities aren’t self-important enough without being granted a permanent platform to purvey their idiotic little messages to the sycophantic masses. If Tom Cruise has taught us anything it is that famous people are generally best not listened to.

The All Ireland Talent Show
In a land of gingers and bad teeth, being Irish is embarrassing enough. However, the combination of Bleughhnaid Ní Hockhuhannachaahcá, Grainne Seoige and small dancing children in a televised county feis is enough to make even St Patrick vomit in disgust.

The Knowing
With a heavy heart, I must consign another Nicolas Cage fi lm to the ‘Not’ column. Having brought us some gems like Face Off and the Wickerman remake… and pretty much every B movie in the last ten years, Cage’s fails to even be so bad it’s good.

Delusional dressers
Although sunlight can be overwhelming and disorientating for the less cerebrally evolved of us, surfer shorts and sockless feet in fl ip-fl ops in the face of Arctic winds is taking stupidity to another level. You are not on your J1 in San Diego yet, mi amigo.