What’s Hot and What’s Not

WHAT’S HOTFirehouse Film ContestAfter only two months, the Firehouse Film Contest has already become one of Otwo’s certified Top Ten Multimedia Pursuits for Young People in Rathmines. “It’s like, really, really, really good,” one of the event organisers enthused, “Like, really good”. The next one is taking place on Sunday 2nd February in the MART Gallery Rathmines, and don’t forget to bring your broken hearts (or any butcher-bought heart will suffice) because the theme is Love.Irish Steph’s new EP ‘Breathe’Dublin’s not-so-thriving alternative music scene has to pick up some slack pretty soon, when you consider that one of the best electro producers we have going is in fact a French man under the moniker Irish Steph. He snuck into our hordes of techno revellers like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but instead of killing us all he released a lovely EP for us to share and enjoy. Officially available as of today through irishsteph.com.Prospective ExhibitionStressed? Too stressed to read this paragraph?? Too stressed for me to get to the point I’m making about stress??? It’s ok! There’s an exhibition by artist Dan Raul Pintea launching this Wednesday 22nd in Steambox Gallery based on Mindfulness meditation, the ever-pleasant practice derived from Buddhist tradition. It promises to re-instil calm into the mindsets of Dubliners. If you’re stressed, you should go there and remember what it is not to be stressed. Running until February 1st. NOT HOTPhotos from YOUR class tripYes, you! The only thing that alleviates the pain of not getting on with your classmates is a class trip, where everybody is either too hammered or too focused on being glam in photos to care about how they intensely dislike everyone else. Stop uploading your feigned-happy, faux-glam photos. And also, stop abbreviating the perfectly respectable word ‘glamour’ to ‘glam’, which is decidedly cheaper, stupider and lazier than those who facilitate it.All Dublin Transport Costing more……while still somehow being incredibly, outlandishly inefficient and bad. At first we presumed that the 46a started costing more to get to Belfield since the installation of Stanley Kubrick’s house (or the O’Brien science centre), making the buzzing metropolis of UCD a more compelling site to visit, but as it transpires, the prices have only risen because Dublin bikes and buses, like Dublin, are shite.Ball SeasonHaven’t had enough of paying 70 brick to get trashed in more fashionable clothes than usual? Well fear not, because the abundance of formal balls that are vaguely related to your academic course and/or sports club have returned to UCD for another year. Pretend to be minted for one night; break some stuff and put your favourite society in debt. It won’t matter, they’ll never find out who did it, cos we’ll never look that good again. Ever.