Zelda Cunningham‘s fortnightly guide to the glamarous and the gungey...

What’s Hot

Festival Fever
With Oxegen 2009 boasting a lineup including Blur, Nick Cave and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, we cant help but feel the forthcoming essays and exams are merely an irrelevant little hurdle in the great race to a summer of amazing music, flat beer and hayfever!

Mad Men
As season two of this Sixties-based series gets into full flow on BBC, the intellegence and societal relevance of programme reveals itself. In a haze of cigarette smoke, the burgeoning women’s liberation movement is dealt with in a smart, sleek and sexy way making it the most watchable thing on TV at the moment.

This French styled café is secluded at the bottom of Aungier Street and offers a delightful array of continental French ‘good mood’ food. Potatoe cakes are served with Medditeranain vegetables and come with a selection of hearty salads but the pièce de résistance of any trip to Brioche is one of their delectible cupcakes.

Jeffery Lewis
The Manhattan-based anti-folk songster is known for his nostalgia and romanticisation of musical greats such as Leonard Cohen and Crass, but uses these influences to create an innovative and original sound that is sentimental and nihilistic, and often humorous. See him in Crawdaddy on 29th April.

What’s Not

Now entering its 103rd series, Tyra Banks’ band of subhuman waifs perform ridiculous stunts in the hope that they too will reach the dizzy heights of Seventeen magazine. America’s Next Top Model must be stopped.

Man Leggings
A worrying trend which is reaching our windy shores and inflicting crimes against eyes on an increasing level. What has been seen cannot be unseen… Gentlemen, if your name is either Robin Hood or Hamlet, leave these skin-tight pantaloons to the ladies.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s website offers a perfect platform for her to look down her nose at us mere mortals, telling us how to live our lives as perfectly as she does. I.e. as a cardboard cutout of a person. Gwynne, fail.

Karate Kid remake
Yes it is scheduled for a remake starring Will Smith’s little hairy child. Michael Jackson, recession, the IRA and now the Karate Kid… The Eighties have indeed returned with a vengeance.