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What’s Hot and What’s Not

With a newfound love of the Hoff, Alison Lee returns to once again analyse the fortnight’s highs and lows

What’s Hot

The amazingness of the Electric Picnic lineup

Hats off to the powers that be at Stradbally for pulling together yet another mouth-watering lineup. Interpol, Death In Vegas and Pulp are just a few acts that will delight indie kids this September – assuming the poor things can extricate themselves from a quagmire of liquid mud and straighten their hair in time to get to the main stage.


The launch of the Phil Lynott Exhibition

The world’s largest collection of Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy memorabilia has been gathered together into one of the most fascinating exhibitions on contemporary music Dublin has ever seen. However the show only runs until April 3rd, no procrastinating! Get your skates on and pay homage to the legend that is Phil Lynott while you can.


The Hoff to replace Simon Cowell

It seemed the Hoff’s glory days were over when he got dropped as a judge from America’s Got Talent thanks to his drinking problem. But the former Baywatch hunk has been given a second chance across the Atlantic, replacing nasty Simon Cowell as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent. It’s unlikely this’ll make the show worth watching, but it can’t hurt.


What’s Not

The staggering dullness of SU Elections

Just when you thought elections were all over, boom – the SU strikes again with an interminable week of campaigning. It’s now impossible to walk ten metres in UCD without being accosted by a scarily enthusiastic, flier-wielding campaigner. Just turn on your best “apathy” face, stick your hands in your pockets and keep walking.


The existence of breast milk ice cream

If Lady Gaga thinks something’s gross, it must be pretty bad – the woman wears clothes made out of raw meat for god’s sake. Gaga put her tiny foot down when a London ice-cream parlour started selling human breast milk ice cream, naming the concoction “Baby Gaga”. The disturbing dessert is now off the market, after quite a “storm in a D-cup”.


Nike’s attempts to predict the future

The sportswear giant made hundreds of T-shirts, not to mention a fancy TV commercial, to celebrate England winning the Grand Slam. This turned out to be a somewhat premature move considering how easily the Irish team beat the English recently. Leaks from the Nike headquarters inform O-two that Nike’s team of fortune-tellers have been fired and replaced by an octopus.