What’s Hot and What’s Not

Wondering which trends won’t lead to social exile? Let Alison Lee guide you to the path of social nirvana with the hits and misses of the fortnight

What’s Hot

Rugby fever kicking offEven if you usually reserve the sports section of newspapers for lining your hamster cage, you have to perk up when the Six Nations rolls around. It’s uplifting to see Ireland not suck at an international sports competition for once. It’s also an excuse to let loose our inner Celts with a lot of shouting and drinking.~The Coen brothers all-round amazingnessThe Big Lebowski, Fargo, No Country for Old Men…The Coen brothers have quite possibly never made a less-than-excellent movie, and their latest masterpiece True Grit doesn’t break the trend. This old-timey Western features gun-totin’, tobacco chewin’ Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges as crusty cowboys on a hunt for a murderer – what’s not to like?~Noah And The Whale‘5 Years Time’ was one of those infectiously chirpy, happy songs that’s stuck in your head after the first listen and had you whistling all day. And its four hairy, bespectacled indie dads are by no means one-hit wonders. NATW have surpassed themselves with L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N, an equally addictive and shamefully cheery track that never gets old.~~

What’s Not

The prevalence of Election Campaign PostersPolitics isn’t about looks – if it was, the Dáil would be a very empty place. But that doesn’t mean it’s ok to cover every stationary object in every public place in the country with enormous close-ups of desperately grinning, panicky-eyed wannabe TDs. Maybe we should copy the UK and make it illegal – or even better, a hanging offence.~Anyone who suggests Jedward for EurovisionYou thought things were bad when Dustin represented us in the Eurovision? Then imagine the shame if Jedward end up on stage. With a combined IQ of three and hair that defies the laws of physics, this duo will drag our once-great musical reputation into the dirt. If Dana weren’t still alive, she’d be turning in her grave.~ Threatening to kill Selina GomezCelebrity cradle-snatcher Selina Gomez (18) has been caught fooling around with poor lil Justin Bieber. Besotted, jealous Beliebers the world over are so enraged that death threats have been sent to the doe-eyed Selina. Surely they should rejoice – maybe this development will spur Justin on to reach puberty, then fancying him won’t be so screwed up.