What’s Hot and What’s Not

If you have a bandwagon, O-two is ready to jump on it. Alison Lee gives a rundown on the cool and lame of the fortnight

What’s Hot

Oscars seasonThanks to the upcoming Oscars, good movies are hitting the silver screen! Instant classics like The Kings Speech and 127 Hours almost make up for Hollywood’s latest 3D embarrassments. Ok, so it’s all for the sake of a cheesy award-ceremony-turned-fashion-show, but at least it means there’s something to see at the cinema.~Dubstep This bizarre yet highly addictive genre is becoming more and more popular in Dublin, and O-two understands why. Don’t know what it sounds like? Imagine drum'n'bass (with a LOT more bass than drum) except sloooower. If this intrigues you, head to the Twisted Pepper for one of the city’s few regular Dubstep nights.~Lykke LiThose who thought Swedish music was all about heavy metal and Abba were wrong. There’s a new kid on the indie block, a kid who’s making such a good impression that Kings of Leon asked her to cover a song of theirs. And what’s more, she’s playing in Tripod soon, so grab a Lykke Li ticket while they’re still going.~

What’s Not

The Abercrombie and Fitch ShopDante was wrong – hell has eight circles, not seven. The extra circle is reserved for fashion victims with more money than sense called “Abercrombie & Fitch”. It’s dark, crowded, humid and populated by attractive demons in hot pants. Rumour has it that a branch of hell-on-earth is soon opening in Dublin – so hit that confession box asap.~Facebook pages about mass Anyone else confused by the latest Facebook fad? You’d think that after the damning revelations of the Ryan Report we’d have invented more constructive ways to voice our outrage against Catholic Church than to create pages like “Dumping your girlfriend so you’re single for mass” and “pre-drinking before mass”. Maybe the handshake bit WOULD be better as a high-five, but still…~February 14thLet there be no mention of the V-word (no, I don’t mean vagina) anywhere near O-two’s official headquarters. The western world goes a little crazy on this particular date, with those of the male persuasion pressured to present their “special someone” with chocolates she feels too guilty to eat, flowers she’s probably allergic to, and a teddy bear that’ll get binned when they inevitably break up.