You’re not as hip as Alison Lee, but with her guidance, you can be. Almost


What’s Hot

The IFI Horrorthon

This may not be so hot if you’re a complete wuss when it comes to horror movies. If you’re made of sterner stuff however, you’ll relish the IFI’s eclectic collection of scary flicks, including the Irish premiere of Paranormal Activity II. The festival runs from October 21st to October 25th and it’s the perfect way to kick off celebrations this Halloween.


Winston Churchill

He helped lead the Allies to victory and now he’s back scaling the UK album charts. The album marks the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and Winston’s hit is ‘Reach for the Skies,’ played by the RAF’s Central Band with Winston’s speeches played over the music. Not bad for a guy who’s been dead for forty-five years.


Old Movies in the Cinema

Finally, Hollywood has copped on that there’s really no point in spending all that money remaking old classics and failing miserably in the process. Instead, they’re choosing the lazy option of just showing the old classics (including Back to the Future and Terminator 2 of late) on the silver screen in all their glory.


What’s Not

Shop-Bought Halloween Costumes

Whether it’s two-euro-shop tack or the snazziest, priciest costume-shop outfit going; it’s still not cool. Making your own costume is almost as fun as showing it off and telling people: “Oh, I whipped this up myself.” Plus the procrastination involved in elaborately decorating, sewing and trying on clothes whiles away hours of study time.


Loyalty Cards

Anyone else sick of being asked: “Do you have a Boots Advantage card?” or “Do you have your Tesco Clubcard?” or “Where’s your buy-nine-terrible-coffees-and-get-the-tenth-free-at-Nine-One-One” card?” No, I don’t have one, and if I do, I’ve forgotten it. I don’t really want 15 cent off own-brand spaghetti hoops anyway, thanks. And don’t get me started on UCD’s own equivalent loyalty tard scheme.


Dublin Bus Route Changes

Getting a bus was always tricky business, but thanks to the new route changes, taking public transport is akin to playing Russian roulette. Okay, maybe ending up in Terenure when you wanted to get to Clontarf isn’t quite as bad as shooting yourself in the head, but it’s still bloody annoying.