The Room

Why bother paying a tenner to see a decent film when you can sit in the comfort of your living room and snark at a really, really terrible one? “American” director and actor Tommy Wiseau is the perpetrator of The Room, a crime against acting and cinematography. YouTube it, and prepare for “I DID NAAAAAAAAAAT” to be your new catchphrase.


Dum dum di da  dum dum di dum dum… Observia! That’s how the national anthem of Observia – a new independent state deep in the heart of Student Centre territory – goes. We’ve finally declared independence from the tyrannical Students’ Union, hurrah! But we’re still a welfare state, of course, since we have no weather and our only natural resource is snark.


It’s a restaurant where all the main courses cost a tenner! See what they did there? With the punning? Yes. Not only is it a lovely, spacious restaurant in nearby Donnybrook, but the food is delicious and only a tenner. Go, eat, come home without that horrible I-shouldn’t-be-eating-out-in-a-recession guilt.

RIP Bebo

Yes, it’s where we all cut our social networking teeth; but have you looked at it lately? It’s a graveyard littered with embarrassing old photos, flashing backgrounds, ‘luv’; and home to the functionally illiterate. Burn it. Burn it to the ground. And let’s work on making sure Facebook doesn’t make the same mistakes.



The disclaimer says “do NOT watch this video if you are under 18”. We’d amend that to do not watch this video if you have eyes. Especially if you have eyes and you’ve just had lunch. It’s the new Two Girls One Cup, and we at otwo are simply baffled as to why people continue to make this shit. Pun very much intended.


We wuz robbed. The Observer’s fantastical Fantasy Girls have not been nominated for a Student Media Award in the blogging category. Infamy! Blasphemy! Fix! No fairsies! Clearly our ditzy, girlish, sometimes drunken ramblings about things we don’t know an awful lot about are more deserving of Smedia glory than well-thought-out posts about serious stuff, and stuff. Boo-urns.

Ads on YouTube

The most annoying thing on the internet since RickRolling, YouTube channels are now showing non-skippable ads in front of certain videos. Why, YouTube, why? The reason we look things up there is so we can skip the boring bits and get straight to the good stuff – not look at ads for products that aren’t even available in Ireland. Sort it out.

Issue 12

And now, the end is near, and so we face the final curtain… sniffle, sob and crysies, Volume 16 is coming to a close. No longer will this writer be able to dispense the wisdom of what is hot and what is not to eager ears, shaping the coolness of a future generation. And no longer will this writer receive snarky texts, emails and glares from the editorial team when articles are many, many days late.