What's Hot and What's Not

What's Hot

Malteser BunniesCreme Eggs may have claimed Easter as 'their' time, and everyone might have previously been obsessed with the ins and outs of how you choose to consume yours, but if ever a Malteser in the shape of a bunny needed to pull back the reigns on that market, it’s now. Next year's C&C officer should not rest until these become part of the normal, and not seasonal, Mars range – a much more worthwhile cause than most of the nonsense they promise.PinterestDescribed as “4chan for women”, Pinterest is a virtual notice board where you can 'pin' images you find across the web to various boards. Visting the front page does result in pictures of countless cute animals, imaginary weddings, cupcakes and motivational words, rather than pedobear, lolcats and other such things that are now classified under the 'man' category, apparently. It's all very pretty, in any case.Crepes on Campus

All is forgiven when it comes to the mental queue systems in Readers Café now that they’ve installed a permanent crepe-making whatsit. All the fun of Lemon, for half the price, without having to leave campus; what is this nonsense? They even do savoury ones if you’re into that sort of crazy action. Om nom nom nom. Now if they could just get some bread in the evening time, all traces of  Nine-One-One would be forgotten.

What's Not

PETA's new ‘Go Vegan’ campaignPETA are not Otwo's favourite animal rights activist group. In fact, PETA are not Otwo's favourite anything, and their latest YouTube video, aimed at encouraging people to turn vegan, has merely cemented that in our minds. Glorifying domestic violence, particularly in such a non-sensical manner, along with their numerous other offences anytime they try to do anything, should mean PETA have to disappear forever.Scouse BrowsStrong brows have been a recurring trend for the last few seasons but stencilling in your eyebrows in shades eleven times darker than your hair, and making them about half the width of your face, is really not on. Sure your eyebrows shape your face, but there’s no need for them to take over your entire head. Relax with the ol’ pencil, there. We’re not even sure if you possess real eyebrows anymore.Northern IrelandDear YouTube, stop showing ads before my YouTube videos, and more precisely, stop showing ads telling me how great Northern Ireland is. Sure Northern Ireland is lovely, but rarely does a trip there work out quite like those ads. Northern Ireland doesn’t look like that day-in, day-out. Stop lying to us, YouTube.