Welfare talks resumed after initial error

WELFARE talks scheduled for the current semester have resumed following the postponement of one event due to an error in booking rooms.Students’ Union (SU) Welfare Officer, Conor Fingleton, accepted full responsibility for the mistake saying, “I thought I’d booked a group of Wednesdays... in Rooms 1 and 2, but I’d actually only booked one [session] so we had to miss out because of that and that was just my mistake.” Mr Fingleton has assured students that such an incident won’t occur again and confirmed that the schedule for semester two has been arranged.The talks have been moved to the Student Centre after being originally held in Rendzvous, downstairs in the restaurant. Mr Fingleton explained that the reason for the move is to encourage students who want to avail of the counselling service after one of the talks, “they could just walk over to the Health Centre… and book an appointment with the counsellors.”Also, the move was deemed to be more convenient for Head of Counselling, Marie Murray, to attend and give the talks as, “time wise, it was very tough on her [as] she has a very busy schedule.”Mr Fingleton is also planning to make the talks available in print format so that if students miss the meetings, they will be able to get the relevant information. It is hoped that the transcriptions will be available for collection in the rooms after the talks as well as in the Student Health Service, the SU corridor and possibility from student advisors.When asked if he felt there was enough advertising promoting the talks, Mr Fingleton admitted that while the talks were advertised on the SU’s weekly email, he had experienced problems in promoting the talks around campus.“It is difficult to get people to put up posters for events like that. It’s a lot easier to [promote] events for nightclubs and to get people to help you,” said Mr Fingleton. “But I have been going around, putting up posters, one or two of them here and there, but they don't stand out as much as a poster for a nightclub event.”Another problem that Mr Fingleton is experiencing is with plans to advertise the talks in the toilets on campus. He explained that such advertising spaces are already contracted to a different company but the SU are planning to buy out the contract so that they can advertise future welfare events.There are further talks planned for this semester, including a presentation by the Bodywhys organisation on eating disorders. A final series of talks will be held on the run up to Christmas exams entitled ‘Fit for Exams’. The talks aim to prepare students for end of semester assessments and will run for four weeks before exam study week.