Welfare Officer Comes Out in Favour of Impeachment

Earlier this week, it was announced that three sabbatical officers wanted to take leave and campaign in favour of impeachment of UCDSU President Katie Ascough.Tonight, the remaining fourth sabbatical officer, Eoghan Mac Domhnaill the Welfare Officer has encouraged students to vote yes for impeachment.In an open letter to UCD Students, Mac Domhnaill said the following:"A few weeks ago, before this whole impeachment thing even started, I put up a status defending Katie in her role as president. I did this because I wanted to help protect my friend, someone who I thought was being vilified for her mistakes, I put my neck on the line in doing that and I got an awful lot of flak over it, I had friends who felt betrayed by me and I let some people down an awful lot. However, at the time I felt like I was doing the right thing, I believed in what I wrote and felt better for, in my opinion, defending my friend from a circling pack. I have come to realise over the last few weeks however that I hurt all those people for nothing."
"Katie and I are friends, as most of the lads would point out we had probably the best relationship it of all the team during the Summer. As a team, as Katie mentioned yesterday during hustings, we were so so strong, and we honestly were honestly getting on so well. I’m at this point finding it more and more difficult seeing that being the case again.""Since the campaign launched and article after article came up I felt as though the circus would never end. In the beginning it was just weird with articles about boojum and thing like that and I was still happy enough in my decisions, however when articles come out referencing myself and the other sabbatical officers as sexists and liars, well at that point you begin reflecting on your life choices. I never had more respect for anyone than I did for Katie as president and I know the other guys feel the exact same way, we were not arguing for abortion information to be kept in the winging it book because Katie was opposed to it we were arguing for them because we believed that was the right thing to do.""In calling our campus media biased and incompetent however really is the final nail in the coffin. I’ve had my share of unfavorable article in both already, is that a bad thing? Were they wrong to do it? Absolutely fucking not! Media are here to hold elected officials to account, they inform everyone about the facts of the matter, so far neither paper have been asked to retract any information they’ve printed i.e its all being factually true. Giving out that they are printing too much true shit about you is like arguing that the polio vaccine was wiping out polio too well.""Im not going to go into any more detail, if you’d like the full story on what’s happening check out BarryRobert or Nialls status. I hope that you will all get out to vote tomorrow no matter which way you are planning on voting.""Along with the three other sabbatical officers however I will be supporting the impeachment tomorrow. Vote YES!"