Webwatch: Welcome to the internet, my friend!


Remember when The Simpsons actually had good jokes? Dan Moriarty takes a look at a website that pays homage to the show’s glory years

Eye on Springfield is a simple pleasure; the foot massage of blogs if you will. It celebrates those bygone days when The Simpsons was a sharp and funny television show. The blog celebrates the show from the first to the ninth season where the team behind it felt was its golden period.


This is backed up by writer Mike Scully, who ran the show for seasons 9-12, responding to a question about the shows longevity. ‘Lower your quality standards, once you’ve done that you can go on forever’, he replied, a mantra repeated by college boys to the mirror before every night out.

The blog itself is simple yet entertaining. It comprises of a daily uploading of a single still frame from a Simpsons episode, mostly one that you remember seeing but cannot pinpoint what episode. Occasionally there will be a little quotation, rarely stretching beyond five words so it’s more of a visual feast. It may make one wonder why they didn’t just watch The Simpsons instead.

Eye on Springfield is a decent blog. It is nicely laid out and the Kent Brockman-esque design, the show where the blog gets its name, is clever. It certainly does have an initial visual appeal, but the idea behind the blog is just a little simple. The screen shots are interesting when you see them first but they don’t have the same appeal of Facebook, Asos or indeed Pornhub that will bring you back an hour later.

The site also contains a listing of eight people as part of ‘The News Team’ (keeping with the Kent Brockman theme), who have used some cool little app to ‘Simpsonify’ their faces. Clicking on any of the faces takes you to another blog or website by the person you clicked on. For myself, these were the most interesting part of the blog; especially Eric Carmichael’s external site is concerned with the workings of the brain.

For the casual Simpsons watcher this site is interesting but vaguely so. For those very into The Simpsons, I would imagine it is fantastic. It is full of opportunity for bookish theorising on various facets of the show. In some ways, the blog is just that, a Simpsons fetish property.

For those who reminisce about the heyday of The Simpsons, the site would be worth looking up. For others, there’ll probably be a Family Guy-themed picture blog up in a few years that you’ll appreciate more.