DramSoc’s Eoghan Carrick speaks to Evan O’Quigley about this year’s twenty-four hour musical

UCD DramSoc are set to perform their ‘24 Hour Musical’ for the second year running on Thursday, January 26th. Production has already begun for the show, which this year will be Scrubs: the Musical. Last year’s A Very Potter Musical was a huge success, resulting in the decision to run the twenty-four hour show for a second time. “We really enjoyed doing it last year so we decided to do it again,” explains Eoghan Carrick, Auditor of DramSoc. The musical will draw heavily from the TV series, using elements of episodes, and adding to them using music entirely from the series. “We’re not feeling constrained, we’re taking liberties with it,” Carrick explains.

To clarify for people who may be confused regarding the title of the show, the musical itself is not twenty-four hours long, but rather it is prepared and rehearsed over a twenty-four hour period the night before the show. “[It’s] twenty-eight hours of absolute bedlam, chaos and fun. It’s the most chaotic thing you’re ever going do but committing to it’s easy because it’s only twenty-eight hours, you’ve got the twenty-four hours to prepare for the show, and then you have the show itself.”

Absolutely anybody can get involved with the production or performance of the project if they wish, as experience of any kind is not required. “On Tuesday [January 24th], the auditions will be taking place in the Student Centre. Once it’s cast, that’s kind of it. You just show your interest in whatever area, and then you get involved with whatever you want”. Carrick feels that the show is a great opportunity for students to get involved with the society. “It’s so early on in the college semester, you can do it without feeling that it’s taking away from study or whatever. We have a lot of first years who didn’t really get involved in the first semester but will get involved this time.”

The musical was hugely successful last year, and while preparing for it over a twenty-four straight period was exhausting, this has not put Carrick off getting involved for a second time. “You’re going on adrenaline as much as anything. You’ve been exhausted up to this point, but all the work that you’ve done over the last twenty-four hours is culminating in this one performance.”

In the end you’re like ‘I get to sit down now and chill out’, and that’s a great feeling as well, you really feel you deserved it at that point. Then on Friday night, after you’ve had your rest, you can hang out with the people you’ve met over the twenty-four hours, and celebrate”.

Auditions for Scrubs: the Musical take place in the Student Centre on January 24th. DramSoc perform Scrubs: the Musical in the Astra Hall on January 26th. Tickets are priced at five Euro.