Need a distraction to get you through a quick library break? Gavan Reilly's got you covered

Sadly it’s that time of year again; it’s time when there’s queues for library seats, queues in the library shop to get a sandwich, and queues to… well, there’s loads of queues. There’s also that whole exam thing you’ve got going on. Fear not, though – for those moments when you just need to spend five minutes of alone-time on the interwebs, WebWatch is here to offer teeny titbits of distraction that offer a few moments’ amusement, but (crucially) not enough to actually stop you from studying.Rest assured that this ultimate edition of WebWatch won’t be nearly as distracting as… oh, I don’t know, a list of interesting facts about everything Nintendo have done, ever (http://short.ie/uo121). Did you know, for example, that Nintendo began life in 1889 as a playing card company, and had been around for 89 years before they tried to make a video game? Or that ‘Nintendo’ means ‘Leave luck to Heaven’ in Japanese? …Oh, you did? Well, then, let’s move on.Here’s something that might interest you for all of five seconds – in a very literal sense. Perfectly tailored to keep you amused for quick nuggets of time, 5 Second Films (http://short.ie/uo122) offers a collection of (shock!) five-second films – almost all of which can induce socially suicidal guffaws as you take a quick study break from the library. Just keep hitting that ‘random’ button – and keep laughing, really, really, really loud – until you feel like studying again, or until Librocop kicks you out.If that’s not really your thing and it’s the summer wanderlust that’s getting you down, the interwebs can help you there too – bringing you around the world in a flash. And we’re not just talking about virtual trips on Google Earth here – simply trot along tohttp://short.ie/uo123 and enjoy an interactive 360’ tour of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower. There’s also a very handy collection at 360cities (http://short.ie/uo124) to amuse you until you can make your way elsewhere!Which leaves just enough time for a funny video about 8-bit video game characters taking over the world (http://short.ie/uo125), a handy guide to identifying That Guy from That Film (http://short.ie/uo126), and – to round off your break – a website that knows exactly who you’re thinking of (http://short.ie/uo127).Thanks for reading WebWatch throughout the year – and make damn sure you enjoy your summer.