with Grace DuffyIn an aeon when blogging sites are ten-a-penny and everyone’s grandmother has an oh-so-cool and relevantly hip online log to document their streams of holier-than-thou awesomeness, Tumblr offers something different – perhaps best illustrated by my inability to describe exactly what it is whenever someone asks. Tumblr is a blogging site of sorts, but more than anything, I would make a case for it as a fantastic site for nerds (film nerds specifically, but nerds of any shape or form). There are sites and pages for just about every actor, film, TV show or band you can think of, littered full of bright sparkling photos and subtitled stills. The majority of these begin with the words “fuck yeah”, a prime example of the sort of self-congratulatory air one associates with bloggers, but making locating them infinitely easier. The site allows you to sift through the various posts and reblog them to your page, either as is or embellished with your own two cents.In this way, Tumblr allows you to mix blogging with social networking, something which feeds into its unique and infectious appeal. Reblogging is not mandatory however – for the more casual observer, you can “like” the posts instead, basically saving the URL for future perusal at your leisure.Tumblr  is also, happily enough for coding amateurs, very co-operatively laid out. All the necessary tools are laid out on your “dashboard” as soon as you log in, together with a list of the most recent blog posts from those you “follow.” Bear in mind, this list can get stunningly comprehensive the more addicted you get (cough), and you’ll never read through it all, especially given Tumblr updates in real time. One can choose from text, photo, audio, and video options in posting, as well as quoting and links – handy for the aforementioned fan blogs – making it fantastically easy to whittle your life away posting every vaguely interesting creation that pops into your head or stumbles across your screen. Tumblr is laid out in a colourful and pretty format, with the token options for designing your own layout a la MySpace (RIP).So what’s best to check out on this utopia of blogging sites? Movies in Frames (http://short.ie/uo111) is a personal favourite, posting three-still montages from various films, occasionally subtitled to capture a certain moment. For the artier types, Quote Book (http://short.ie/uo112) and Ache (http://short.ie/uo113) post simply, beautifully, and frequently. Fuck Yeah, Slightly Amusing (http://short.ie/uo114) guarantees at least a wry chuckle, and Fuck Yeah Skinny Bitch (http://short.ie/uo115) is – though controversially titled – helpful with the daily wardrobe dilemma.All in all, a world of win. Expect to be swallowed whole.Share your links with webwatch@universityobserver.ie