with Sophie Lioe

What better way to cure one’s unbearable boredom during a lecture, or to occupy valuable procrastination time, than to find, join (and then never look at again), the seemingly unending ream of Facebook groups there are out there. A new one seems to be created every five minutes, and we should all be thankful for the gaps they fill in our lives; brightening up our News Feeds every day.  There’s one for every occasion, whatever your mood. The hardest part, which I discovered while researching this article, is choosing your favourite! But here goes…

  • “If you Kanye West me I’m going to Chris Brown you and Tiger Woods your mom” – the kind that probably won’t be relevant in a few months time, but pretty hilarious right now (http://short.ie/uo101)
  • “When I was a kid, I used to pretend I was ill just to get Calpol…” – for when we get reminiscent for those sickies we pulled to skip a hard day of adding numbers and playing chasies in the school playground. Remember always wanting the under-six kind, no matter what age we were? (http://short.ie/uo102)
  • “Realising how drunk you are when alone in the toilet” – the type which makes us all exclaim, oh my god! I thought that was just me! (Well, that’s what happened to me anyway… http://short.ie/uo103)
  • “Sorry mate I can’t, I’ve got Quidditch” – the tribute to Harry Potter that every new fad needs. Of the many that are out there, this got the biggest thumbs-up. (http://short.ie/uo104)
  • “I Can Only Get Up When My Alarm Clock Shows A Multiple Of 5” – Fact. No exceptions. I have yet to find a person that this doesn’t apply to. (http://short.ie/uo105)

So, no matter how annoying you find them – whether they clog up your home page, or you come across the (very) odd one that doesn’t apply to you – their brilliance cannot be denied. However, are you brave enough to make one yourself? You never know, maybe you could make it into the next Top 5? Or maybe the fear of rejection and epic failure is enough to stop you?

It’s now nigh on impossible to imagine life without Facebook, right? Signing in automatically when you are near any kind of PC/iPod/laptop, being introduced to people only to realize you’ve already stalked them on Facebook, to wondering how Bebo is getting along. Funnily enough, all these ponderings are, in fact, Facebook groups in themselves. Will it ever end?

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