We Move: James Vincent McMorrow - Review

JAMES Vincent McMorrow’s third album is the perfect follow up to Post Tropical. As the name suggests, it was written while McMorrow was travelling a lot. Working with big time hip-hop producers from around the world, McMorrow has put together an album that is permeated by that wanderlust, that classic hip-hop rhythm and that characteristic falsetto sound he is known for. It is more synth heavy then he may be known for, but it feels like a form of closure on the journey he started with Early In The Morning back in 2010.Every song is an earworm. It can be at times slow, methodical and meaningful, then suddenly triumphant and soaring, especially ‘Seek Another’. Every song feels and sounds like a typical McMorrow song, yet new and different. The casual listener, however, may not be blown away by this release, as it is still very quintessentially his style. The full electronic sound, alongside the choirs and the heavy R&B beats all add something new and exciting. It’s a proud sound.Perfect to sit and listen to, or to play on the go, you will find yourself humming along to the songs later, catching the little hooks and melodies running through your head all day, but never quite intruding. It may seem like a subdued version of his raw and passionate sound that he broke through with, but he’s telling a different story now, and it is beautiful in its own right.In A Nutshell: A great third album, filled with the swelling power of McMorrow’s vocals and complemented by a new R&B inspired arrangement. It’s well worth a couple of listens.