Was there fashion in the city or just sex?

Image Credit: Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

Carrie defined a generation but was she compiling what she could find off the runway or was she truly fashion forward, Alison Toohey comments.

The fashion showcased in Sex and the City was definitely something. Sometimes it was pretty off the wall, but I think that’s what people loved about it. With the mixed prints, aggressive accessories, and bold silhouettes, the fashion was definitely at the forefront of the show. Whether you find the outfits to be a bit outlandish or you think the ladies were the height of fashion, you can’t deny the outfits in Sex and the City were pretty iconic. 

Samantha definitely puts the sex in Sex and the City, but Carrie was obviously the most into her clothes. Some may say she was ahead of her time or even brave for some of her choices, but the word that comes to mind when I think of her outfits is unhinged. In season 2, episode 17 we see her in a red cowboy hat, snake skin tube top and a long, striped skirt. An interesting concoction of garments to say the least. 

Why did it work though? The late nineties and early noughties was an interesting time for fashion. A time of layering, mixed textures and a lot of midriff, which are all things Carrie supported in her looks. Sometimes though I’m not sure she was following trends. For example, what was the thought process behind the belt that held nothing up in season 4, episode 16. What's up with the giant belts in general on that show? They didn’t even have to be functional, you just HAD to have a huge obnoxious belt around you, somewhere, anywhere. 

I don’t know if you would describe the fashion on the show as effortless or just a hot mess but whether you like it or not it is one of the most iconic shows for fashion ever. It showcased feminine looks with an edge and encouraged people to really think outside the box when it came to clothes. Although sometimes Carrie probably strayed a bit too far from the box (some outfits don’t need a bandana or a pageboy cap). I’m honestly torn on whether I like Carrie’s style or not. I do, however, applaud her for being able to take risks with clothes and rethink the way she wears them. I think that is something we can all take away from the show.


All that being said about Carrie’s crazy fashion choices, that is not to say that some of her clothes weren’t absolutely to die for. The Dior newspaper dress is absolutely timeless, and something I think most people are obsessed with. I also am very impressed with her shoe collection, as I am sure most people are. Sex and the City definitely had its fashion moments, be them good or bad. Either way this show is nothing short of iconic.