Warrant Issued for the arrest of Professor Dolores Cahill

Image Credit: Steve Eason, Flickr

Westminster Magistrates Court in England issued a warrant for the arrest of Professor Dolores Cahill of the UCD School of Medicine last week, according to a report on Extra.ie.

 The Warrant was issued for ‘failure to answer bail’ in relation to two charges connected to the Resist and Act for Freedom protest held in Trafalgar Square on September 19 of last year. At this rally 32 arrests were made. Professor Cahill was charged with being involved in the holding of a gathering of more than 30 people in an outdoor public place during an emergency period.

The demonstration was held to protest anti-coronavirus lockdown measures in England. Professor Cahill is best known for spreading misinformation on the coronavirus and the efficacy of preventative measures. At a protest in Herbert Park last St. Patrick’s day, Cahill claimed that the wearing of masks could lead to a reduction in IQ for children.

Cahill has reportedly informed UCD in April of her intention to retire. Last April she was asked to resign from her role in the right wing Irish Freedom Party over her unsubstantiated views.

Professor Cahill has not responded to a request for comment from The University Observer.