Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby

Clara Brannigan reflects on the evolution of Lady Gaga's fashionable career.  Lady Gaga strutted into the spotlight 10 years ago with her first single 'Just Dance.' Her striking style and infectious pop-synth beats hinted at what was to come, with bold outfit choices like the infamous disco ball bra, platinum hair, and blunt bangs.Gaga quickly became one of the most iconic female artists of the decade. Her unique sense of style had designers queuing up to be at her beck and call, as there were no limits to what she would do in the name of art. Gaga’s risqué fashion and her music have always held a political message with Gaga using her platform to reflect current social and political issues.Since her debut in 2008, Gaga has shocked the fashion industry countless times. Her 'Bad Romance' video saw her head to toe in Alexander McQueen – a full-body sparkling masterpiece. Gaga debuted the reissued single, at McQueen's final catwalk show, Plato's Atlantis. The models wore the rare Armadillo boots that had been featured in the Bad Romance music video.
Her unique sense of style had designers queuing up to be at her beck and call as there were no limits to what she would try in the name of art
As her career progressed, Gaga soon became an advocate for equality. The release of her second album features the track ‘Born This Way’ that became an inspirational anthem for anyone who has struggled with their self-worth. When she performed the album track at the Grammys, Gaga was reborn on stage, emerging out of a giant egg wearing latex prosthetics to resemble an alien. She had left The Fame behind her, showing a whole new side to Gaga, in the most literal sense, introducing her alter ego Jo Calderone in her music video for ‘You and I.’Gaga’s fashion has always been a show-stopper. In 2010, Gaga arrived for her VMA Video of the Year award in the controversial 'meat dress.' There was a backlash from social media expressing their concerns about animal cruelty. Gaga explained the dress was a protest against the military's restrictions placed on gay soldiers. Other shocking ensembles, like her telephone hat and her fire shooting machine gun bra, consistently got people going gaga about Gaga.
Through her fashion, music, and activism Gaga quickly became an advocate for equality.
Her fifth studio album Joanne, portrayed a stripped-back version of Gaga, swapping her flamboyance for more low-key country rock'n'roll vibes. It seems Gaga has put her scandalising days behind her. Nevertheless, when it comes to show time there's no doubt that the pop Queen will have something sartorial up her sleeve to surprise her little monsters.