Voter Registration link broken for some students

Image Credit: UCDSU

The link to register to vote for the upcoming UCDSU executive elections does not work for some students, The University Observer has learned.

In an email sent to all students on Tuesday the 9th February, the link to voter registration was included in a paragraph containing information on the elections. However, a small number of students who have spoken to The University Observer have stated that the link brings them to an error page which states “This site can’t be reached”. The University Observer also found that the link on UCDSU’s website to voter registration did not work for some students. As of yet there is no clear correlation between either the browser used, the operating system of the student’s device, or the manufacturer of the device, and whether the link will work. There are also a mix of students who can access the link via the website and not the email, and students who can access the link via the email but not the website. 

During the executive election voting last year, there was a technical difficulty for iPhone users, which Membership Solutions Limited (MSL), the company who managed those elections, stated were due to “a link promoted on a third party website[UCDSU’s website]”.

The University Observer has reached out to UCDSU returning office for comment and will update this article as and when comment is received.