Vet students’ relay race raises €4,000 for Aware

OVER €4,000 has been raised for charity by students from the school of Veterinary Medicine. The fundraiser, which took place on 27th March, saw over 100 students and staff members from the School of Veterinary participate in a charity relay run around St Stephen’s Green.

The event organiser, Michael John Winters, was hopeful that the total raised would exceed the €4,000 threshold.

“I’d say that it will cross hopefully the €4,000 barrier anyway,” said Mr Winters. “Will it be the same this year on account of the general lack of money in people’s pockets? Hard to say [but] there was a lot of big huge donations. A lot of people were giving €50 notes and so.”

According to Mr Winters, the idea behind the event was that “people would see the runners; they’d see that we were actually doing something for the money as such.”

The majority of students who paced St Stephen’s Green were first to fourth year students, according to Mr Winters, who explained that “final years are so busy in the hospital with rotations that they couldn’t,” however he was pleased that a number of staff members “came out to lend a hand”.

Speaking of the success of last year’s event, Mr Winters said that the charity had been contacted by people asking to be involved in the run this year and stressed that he hopes Aware will receive similar publicity following last week’s event.

“[The fundraiser] actually transpired to be one of the biggest knock-on effects of last year’s event and we’re hoping to see it again this year,” he explained. “The presence of people all day running around with the logos generated a huge amount of free publicity for them and that was one of the strongest points of last year”.

Although Aware have already received the money, Mr Winters said that a formal presentation has yet to take place. The charity will also provide those who participated in the fundraising with a certificate detailing the amount collected and giving a specific breakdown as to where the money will go.

Last year’s run raised over €6,500 for Aware and was the first year that the event was held. Aware is a charity that deals with depression and provides services and counselling for those suffering or affected by depression.