THE UNIVERSITY has decided against introducing resit exams in September, following a discussion which investigated the viability of September exams.

September resits were rejected by the Registry Management Meeting following concerns regarding students progressing into the next stage, a number of weeks after the semester had begun.

Problems raised involving students progressing in September included the fact that many modules would have filled prior to the student being accepted into the next stage, and so students may not be able to complete core modules or electives.

It was also argued that the extra exams would cause complications to the exam schedule if implemented and that changes to the current academic calendar would be necessary to include the resit exams. Despite the investigation into the feasibility of scheduling the exams, a university spokesperson has since stated that “September resits are not currently a proposal”.

Students’ Union (SU) Education Officer Paul Lynam, explained that he believed that it was merely a “consideration that changes to the re-sits would be implemented.” However, he specified that these potential changes to the re-examination process “is something [he] would welcome”.

Emphasing that UCD’s semesterised system resulted in the fact that “autumn re-sits are gone”, Mr Lynam felt that the while the option of resits were discussed, the current calendar indicated that exams would only take place in the exam period of the summer and winter semesters.

In 2006, UCD’s Academic Council abolished the previous re-sit and repeat system, which took place during the autumn period. The proposed system was that students who fail a module in a given semester would be allowed to re-sit the exam during or at the end of the semester. The university had aimed to phase out separate repeat and re-sit examinations.

A UCD spokesperson said that although there is a student-staff review group considering simplifying the repeat and re-sit system, they have not yet reported to the university.