University budget approved despite SU misgivings

The University Observer understands that UCDSU President Paul Lynam has objected to this year’s university budget.However, despite Lynam’s reservations with the budgetary plans, his requests for changes to be made were ignored and the university elected to approve the proposals without his consent.Speaking to The University Observer, Lynam said that he objected to the implementation of these plans on the basis that every area of the budget was to receive a five per cent cut: “I think that certain areas should take priority over others, such as academic support and student support.”Lynam questioned whether the best interests of the student body were being looked after, amid ongoing concerns that the university would impose significant cuts to areas which he deems to be of greater importance than other areas, such as the student support unit.He went on to say: “My main objection is that I have Student Union priorities, which is student support unit, and that should take less of a hit than everyone else.”Concern was also expressed by Lynam over the deeper impact of budget cuts to UCD students: “If it affects the university reputation, it may affect bringing in numbers next year, which would affect our financial intake.”He went on to state his belief that third-level education is taking a bigger hit than other areas in terms of the national budget, stating that the budget cuts will have a negative impact on the number of graduates produced in this country. “Budget cuts to education are detrimental to the economic future of the country,” he said.In addition, Lynam said that he anticipated further cutbacks would made in education, among other areas, in the future. He explained how the implementation of these cuts was almost inevitable as a result of the country’s current financial climate: “We’re in an era of austerity measures,” he said. “I expect everything in the country to be cut dramatically.”Lynam is pessimistic with regards to the extent of cutbacks being made, as his summary of the overall affect that the budget is likely to have indicates: “Every cut will affect the student regardless of what department, even if it’s from the commercial department and advertising for the university.”