Underrated - Overrated: Hello, My Twenties

Tatyana Sinaisky makes the case for the underrated K-Drama

Have you ever gone on Netflix searching for a show that you could relate to as a college student? It’s hard to strike that balance between realism and entertainment, yet the Korean drama ‘Hello, My Twenties’, also known as ‘Age of Youth’, has it all. What it doesn’t have is the recognition that it truly deserves, despite receiving outstanding reviews.

The show centres around five roommates, all in their twenties, four at different stages of university, and one who is not in college and works as a high-class escort. Each woman experiences her own personal challenges, all the while sharing their ups and downs with one and other, often with humour. The beauty about this show is the way it portrays life. Not every second is filled with rush and excitement and the housemates also study, work and do chores. Yet, it is filmed in a way that transports you into their lives, soothed by the similarities as a student. Moreover, it tackles some serious problems, such as abusive relationships, money issues, and mental health disorders in a genuine way, something that few shows seem to be able to achieve nowadays.

A fresh, unique and quirky show, definitely worth watching if you’re looking for something new! You may even pick up a few words in Korean!