UCDSU to publish magazine for residences

UCD Students’ Union Welfare Officer Rachel Breslin has announced the creation of a magazine aimed at students living in UCD residences. The publication will be geared at informing students of upcoming events and helpful campus services, with Breslin stating that it would “convey information about the SU, convey what’s out there in the college, and advertise the events we want to run on residences so residences become more of a community.”

The SU is currently looking into sponsorship for the magazine “so it would be cost effective”. Breslin was sure to reiterate the Union’s priority of expenditure efficiency. “We’re looking at eight pages, not full colour, but a coloured cover and also to get photos of the events in it but they will be black and white. We want to keep the costs down but keep the quality of the writing and the information as much as possible.”

Despite the immediacy of social media which is prominently used by the SU, Breslin believes that a singular publication does hold some advantages. “It’s sort of a one stop shop of all sorts of information that we can’t put in one Facebook group. It’s not just the calendar. Having one source of information that goes into residences on a monthly basis with what you can do and what’s out there for them would be very helpful.”

Breslin made it known that the first issue would be published in November, but said that she was “not sure exactly when in November, depends on securing sponsorship, depends on what we want included.” However, she and UCDSU Communications Officer, Brendan Lacey weren’t anticipating many problems, saying that she doesn’t “think that it’s that complicated to organise and I want to get it done this year.”

In addition to the magazine, Breslin also announced the creation of the ‘Res Report’, initiated due to problems experienced by students checking into residences before the semester began. Breslin said she felt a lot of the difficulties faced were “due to residences and the procedures that were in place regarding check-in,” and because of an “IT system crash when the continuing students were checking in earlier on it the year … it was so time-consuming, particularly at orientation week when there were students back.”

Campus residents can send their complaints to res.report@ucdsu.ie and they will be relayed to university authorities. “What we’re doing is compiling these reports so we have a document which is fully comprehensive and identifying all of the things that we want to change rather than bits throughout the year.” Breslin is hoping to have finished the report by October 21st and will be arranging meetings with university and residences authorities “as soon as possible.”